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Improve 1M+ lives across our value chain

At PVH, we honor the fundamental role our collective workforce has in the success of our business, and we are committed to continually improving the lives of our associates and supply chain workers, and those of their families and communities.

Our ambition is for our business to improve over one million lives across our value chain, focusing on education and opportunities for women and children; ensuring access to clean water for all; and continuing to champion inclusion and diversity so everyone can achieve their full potential.
Our targets
Empower women
Remove barriers to advancement and create pathways to opportunity and choice for women in the PVH supply chain
Key Target: Professional and life skills development programs will be made available to 500,000 women across the PVH supply chain by 2030
Foster inclusion & diversity
Create an inclusive environment where every individual is valued
Key Target: Expand unconscious bias training to all 38,000+ PVH associates globally by 2023 and achieve gender parity in leadership positions by 2030
Develop talent
Develop a talented and skilled workforce that embodies PVH’s values and an entrepreneurial spirit, while empowering associates to design their future
Key Target: Expand professional skills development and digital literacy programs through PVH University to reach all 38,000+ PVH associates globally by 2023
Provide access to water
Ensure access to clean water for communities in PVH’s key basins through collaborative action
Key Target: Establish five collective action projects in PVH’s most water-stressed sourcing communities by 2025
Educate the future
Support the needs of women and children around the world by creating safe spaces, improving access to education and enhancing quality of life
Key Target: Reach 135,000 individuals worldwide through early education and childcare services, teacher training, parenting resources and training, and youth employability training services by 2023
We're proud of...
Advancing inclusion across fashion

We partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to start a meaningful industry dialogue identifying issues and addressing needs to convert awareness into action.

Educating the future

We have reached almost 65,000 students, parents and teachers through a multi-year, $5 million partnership with Save the Children that supports early education programs in many of the countries where we produce goods.

CEO action

Our CEO, Emanuel Chirico signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, joining more than 350 CEOs in a pledge to advance inclusion and diversity within the workplace.

Enabling future leaders with Christel House / Divya Rashi knows just where her future is heading. Into space. Her journey began at Christel House, Bangalore, a school run by the namesake nonprofit in India and supported by the PVH Foundation since 2015. The school focuses on transforming the lives of impoverished children through a holistic model focused on the “whole child,” which includes K-12 education, character...

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The power of a dream

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