Everyone Welcome

Everyone Welcome

We are working to be a brand that works for every
Tommy Fan — always inclusive, completely accessible

We believe everyone should be able to wear clothes that make them feel good – regardless of their age, size, gender, race, sexuality or ability. So we want to use the power of our brand to challenge the status quo. We’re working to always be inclusive and make our products, experiences and communications        completely accessible.

73 million children and adults around the world have disabilities that make getting dressed a daily challenge. Lolo Spencer and Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive are making sure fashion is for everyone.


"Everyone Welcome" – Our 2030 Vision

A brand that works for every Tommy Fan – always inclusive, completely accessible.

What "Everyone Welcome" means to us

By 2030, we want all Tommy Hilfiger consumers to feel comfortable in our products, experience our brand as welcoming and find all our channels accessible.


Our product categories will be available with inclusive versions as part of our stocked range or by special order.

Offer an inclusive and accessible brand experience across all sales and marketing channels for every potential consumer.

Tommy Hilfiger recognized globally as an inclusive and accessible brand that champions inclusion in fashion and beyond.

To Date

We’ve already made the first steps on our journey. As we continue, we’ll share our ups and downs – the goals we have reached, as well as the challenges we have encountered.

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

Following a successful launch in North America, we have expanded the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive collection to consumers in Europe, Japan and Australia.

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive has received a number of awards and accolades, including the 2019 Cannes Lions Awards, the 2019 International Design Award, and Honorary Mention in the 2019 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards.

In the U.S., the collection is also now available to buy through the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Skill on Alexa, allowing any shopper to navigate through the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive range using only their voice. Amazon Alexa, known simply as Alexa, is a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by Amazon

Inclusive sizing

As part of the TommyXZendaya Fall 2019 collection, our collaboration with singer, actor and advocate Zendaya, we launched Zendaya Curve – expanding the collection to include Tommy sizes 18-22 (UK 20-24 / EU 48-52/ US 16-20). Following the success of this line, we’re evaluating opportunities for future Curve collections.

Gender neutrality

We now include a number of gender-neutral styles as part of the TommyXLewis collection.

2020 – 2030 Rolling Target Roadmap

Here’s how we believe we can make our vision a reality. As the world evolves and new opportunities arise, we’ll continue to update our progress and build upon our targets – so we can go even further.

*Best practices include practices over and above legal requirements, and/or practices from countries in our global portfolio where legislation is strictest and these practices are already implemented.


Every year, working with specialized partners, we’ll use our brand platform to amplify a cause that fosters inclusivity and counters prejudice.


Roll out our best practices* globally, to make our end-to-end online shopping experience, including purchase, receipt and return, inclusive to everyone.


Create an inclusive retail proposition by implementing best practices* in all our stores and showrooms, and share learnings with our wholesale partners.



Offer options in inclusive product formats by 2022 and adaptive versions by 2025 across all Tommy Hilfiger product categories.


In order to achieve our vision, we will have to push the boundaries so we can accelerate our progress toward inclusive marketing, products and touchpoints.

We know we can’t do this alone, so partnerships and co-creation are central to our constantly evolving innovation plan. Right now, our focus is on learning more about made-on-demand adaptive or inclusive apparel.