Opportunity For All

Opportunity For All

We are striving to create equal access to opportunity and ensure there are no barriers to success at Tommy Hilfiger.

From farmers to factory workers, designers to marketers, we believe everyone who is part of our business should feel valued and supported, and have their voice heard. So we’re working to ensure that all people who want to work with us not only feel welcome, but are also encouraged to reach their full potential.

"Opportunity For All" – Our 2030 Vision

Equal access to opportunity – no barriers to success at Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge

Our annual global program to find and support new ideas that are making the fashion landscape more inclusive.

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What "Opportunity For All" means to us

By 2030, all people working in environments controlled by us and our supply chain partners, are enabled to speak up for themselves and have opportunities to maximize their potential.

Our "Opportunity For All" ambitions

  • The profile of our associates matches the diversity of the countries in which we operate and sell, across ethnicity, gender and 
physical ability.
  • The people that create our products are prepared for the changes to their work to be brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Take to scale transformative innovations leveraged from the communities around us, by enabling social innovation and entrepreneurship.

How We're Making It Possible

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  • 2030

Achievements To Date

We’ve already taken the first steps on our journey. As we continue, we’ll share our ups and downs – the goals we have reached, as well as the challenges we have encountered.

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge

We have now completed the fourth year of the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge, a global program to find and support new ideas that are making the fashion landscape more inclusive. Since 2018, we have received over 1,500 applications from around the world, and awarded €800,000 to support social entrepreneurs.

Inclusion and Diversity

PVH Corp., Tommy Hilfiger’s parent company, has taken action towards improved inclusion and diversity across all of its branded businesses. PVH has been recognized by the Women’s Forum of New York for having more than 30% female representation on the board of directors, and became the only global apparel company to be ranked on Diversity Best Practice’s 2019 Inclusion Index.

PVH also partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 2019, to examine the roles of inclusion and diversity in the fashion industry and start a meaningful industry dialogue.

In 2020, PVH scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index for the third year in a row.

2020 – 2030 Rolling Target Roadmap

Here’s how we believe we can make our vision a reality. As the world evolves and new opportunities arise, we’ll continue to update our progress and build upon our targets – so we can go even further.


Pilot or implement at least one business idea every year from our Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge, aimed at making the fashion industry more positive and inclusive.


Implement measures and actions at all stages of the talent practice lifecycle to foster inclusivity, starting with an inclusive hiring policy to ensure a more diverse candidate pool for every role.


Expand unconscious bias training and digital literacy programs to reach all Tommy Hilfiger associates globally in offices, stores and warehouses.


100% of workers employed by key suppliers will have their voices heard through representative workplace committees.


100% of migrant workers at PVH’s Level 1 and key Level 2 suppliers will not pay recruitment fees.


100% of our key suppliers in two key production countries by 2025 and in four countries by 2030 will proactively support industry-wide collective bargaining to achieve living wages.


100% of PVH suppliers will promote and maintain safe and healthy work environments by 2025 and will meet or exceed all of its social and environmental standards by 2030.


Professional and life skills development programs and services will be made available to 200,000 women across the PVH supply chain.


Achieve gender parity in leadership positions.