PVH Forward Fashion
Reduce negative impacts to zero

To drive fashion forward, we cannot stop at simply reducing our negative impacts; we must work to eliminate them.

Our ambition is for our products and business operations to generate zero waste, zero carbon emissions and zero hazardous chemicals, and for our products to be circular.
Our targets
Eliminate carbon emissions
Protect the global climate by reducing energy use and powering our business through renewable sources
Key Target: PVH offices, warehouses and stores will be powered by 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and the company will drive a 30% reduction in its supply chain emissions by 2030
End waste
Divert the waste PVH sends to landfill
Key Target: All PVH offices, distribution centers and stores will achieve zero waste and eliminate single-use plastics by 2030
Eliminate hazardous chemicals and Microfibers
Eliminate water pollution from wet processors
Key Target: Water leaving wet processors will have zero hazardous chemicals and be filtered for harmful microfibers by 2025
Innovate for circularity
Foster and harness innovation to design and manufacture products that eliminate product waste
Key Target: Three of the company’s most commonly purchased products will be completely circular including the full traceability of key raw materials by 2025
We're proud of...
Committing to climate action

We joined We Are Still In, the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, and RE100 in 2018, when we committed to sourcing 100% renewable electricity across our owned and operated facilities by 2030.

Accelerating the circular economy

We accelerated our work to enable wider adoption of circular economy principles across our industry by joining the Global Fashion Agenda, Fashion for Good and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular Initiative.

Diverting plastic from ocean to storefront

The Underwear Group is currently testing ocean-bound plastic hangers, made from plastics at risk of entering the world’s oceans, in stores in the U.S.

Nine innovators, 500 associates and our first ever Sustainable Innovation Forum / The words fashion and innovation might bring to mind the latest runway collections but some of the most exciting innovations in the industry are happening before the clothes hit the catwalk. It’s Fall 2018, in a space at Calvin Klein’s headquarters usually reserved for showing each season’s new fashion trends, today there is a different kind of innovation...

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Innovation that inspires circularity

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