A new level of ambition and transparency for sustainable business. Let’s drive fashion forward – for good.

“We believe brilliant design and creative solutions are not just reserved for the clothes we make, but also for the way we make them. We want to drive transformational change at PVH by integrating Forward Fashion across our business – and use our scale to enable ethical and sustainable progress across the industry.”

Forward Fashion is our strategy to transform how clothes are made and (re)used, and the actions we are taking to move our business and the fashion industry toward a more innovative and responsible future. We do this because resources are limited and, for us, human rights are non-negotiable.

Forward Fashion has three strategic focus areas which guide our activities and drive impact across our business.

Explore the strategy below.

Reduce negative impacts to zero
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Increase positive impacts to 100%
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Improve 1M+ lives across our value chain
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Nine innovators, 500 associates and our first ever Sustainable Innovation Forum / The words fashion and innovation might bring to mind the latest runway collections but some of the most exciting innovations in the industry are happening before the clothes hit the catwalk. It’s Fall 2018, in a space at Calvin Klein’s headquarters usually reserved for showing each season’s new fashion trends, today there is a different kind of innovation…

How cooperation can tackle complexity and elevate worker voices / Rick Relinger, Senior Director of Human Rights and Operations at PVH, has a firm belief in the power of fashion to be a positive force in the world. “The industry can be a source of inclusive economic growth and decent work, providing opportunities for people in developing countries when companies work to fulfill their responsibility to respect human rights.”

Enabling future leaders with Christel House / Divya Rashi knows just where her future is heading. Into space. Her journey began at Christel House, Bangalore, a school run by the namesake nonprofit in India and supported by the PVH Foundation since 2015. The school focuses on transforming the lives of impoverished children through a holistic model focused on the “whole child,” which includes K-12 education, character…

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