Welcome all


We welcome all perspectives, experiences and forms of expression

This is why we’re pioneering equity and inclusion in every way we can. At Tommy Hilfiger, we’re committed to working for everyone. This means we will continue making sure our products, services, experiences and communications are inclusive and accessible.

We’ve already built a solid foundation, but today we’re taking it further with a holistic approach that focuses on three key pillars: Workplace, Marketplace and Community. We’re bringing each to life with a series of initiatives designed to help everyone achieve their full potential.

Driving change across every touchpoint

We’re building a workplace where everyone feels safe and supported to share their voice, and where the profile of our associates matches the global diversity of our consumers.

We will continue to design for everyone, expanding our offering of adaptive and functional clothing. And we’re working to drive change within our sector, upholding workers’ rights, amplifying voices in underrepresented communities and enhancing access to opportunities across the fashion industry. We want to ensure there are no barriers to success so that we can continue uplifting, empowering, and providing opportunities and confidence to all.

How We're Doing

We’re making strides towards our ambition to Welcome All. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far.

  2021 2023 2024 2025 2030
Targets Every year, working with specialized partners, we’ll use our brand platform to amplify a cause that fosters inclusivity and counters prejudice. Implement measures and actions at all stages of the talent practice lifecycle to foster inclusivity, starting with an inclusive hiring policy to ensure a more diverse candidate pool for every role. Pilot or implement at least one business idea every year from our Fashion Frontier Challenge, aimed at making the fashion industry more positive and inclusive. Roll out our best practices globally to make our end-to-end online shopping experience, including purchase, receipt and return inclusive to everyone. Create an inclusive retail proposition by implementing best practices in all our stores and showrooms, and share learnings with our wholesale partners. Offer options in inclusive formats by 2022 and adaptive formats by 2025 across all Tommy Hilfiger product categories. Expand unconscious bias training to reach all Tommy Hilfiger associates globally in offices, stores and warehouses. 100% of workers employed by key suppliers will have their voices heard through democratically elected representatives. 100% of migrant workers at PVH’s Level 1 and key Level 2 suppliers will not pay recruitment fees. 100% of our key suppliers in two key production countries by 2025 and in four by 2030 will proactively support industry-wide collective bargaining to achieve living wages. 100% of PVH suppliers will promote and maintain safe and healthy work environments by 2025 and will meet or exceed all of our social and environmental standards by 2030. Make professional and life skills development programs available to 200,000 women across our supply chain. Achieve gender parity in leadership positions.
Progress As part of the People’s Place Program, the TOMMY HILFIGER New Legacy Challenge was created in partnership with Harlem’s Fashion Row, giving equity to Black talent on a global scale.

In 2022, we launched the “The Invisible Seam: Unsung Stories of Black Culture and Fashion” podcast series with The Fashion and Race Database, exploring the contributions of Black communities to American fashion.
In 2022, we launched the Diverse Candidate Slate requirement for all U.S.-based Director-level and above roles, aiming to have at least 50% of candidates interviewed represent one or more dimensions of diversity with an initial focus on gender, race/ethnicity, veteran status and people with disabilities. We continue to pilot and test ideas with previous winners from the award-winning program. For example, in 2021, we partnered with A Beautiful Mess to produce polos and tote bags for the TOMMY REMIXED 1.0 collection. It is important to create an online experience that allows all TOMMY HILFIGER consumers to have the best consumer experience. While we are constantly looking at how we can evolve our offering, this is something we are prioritizing over the coming months. In 2022, we developed store design guidelines to increase accessibility of TOMMY HILFIGER retail stores and showrooms.

To further support making our retail experience more inclusive, we developed training for all retail associates in Europe with modules on building inclusive awareness.
The TOMMY HILFIGER Adaptive line is available in North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific, making dressing easier for people with disabilities.

We continue to explore what makes an inclusive product, developing new formats and KPIs so we can better serve our communities around the world and track progress.
In 2022, we made unconscious bias training available to 100% of PVH associates with an 82% completion rate. We established representative worker-management committees via our “Workplace Cooperation Program” (WCP) in partnership with the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Better Work Program. We conducted an audit and found 99% of our suppliers did not demonstrate evidence of recruitment fees paid by migrant workers.

We have put practices and protocols in place for high-risk countries in partnership with the Responsible Labor Initiative.
In 2022, we were unable to provide granularity of wages in our supply chain due to assessment data limitations. We are committed to providing transparency and are testing new data collection approaches to report wage data. PVH has extended its continued commitment to safer conditions in the textile and garment industry by signing the Pakistan Accord. PVH's women's empowerment programs reached 16,668 women in 2022, bringing the total women reached since the inception of programming to 27,916. In 2022, women held 45% of Vice President and above positions across PVH, and we continue working towards full gender parity. This remains a top priority, and we have brought the target forward from 2030 to 2026.

Recent Achievements

45% women

In 2022, women held 45% of Vice President and above positions across PVH, and we continue working towards full gender parity.


Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive is now sold through our sales platforms across North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. The offering has been expanded to new product categories, making dressing easier for people with disabilities.


We launched collaborations with diverse voices to champion creativity, gender and size inclusion. These include the TOMMYXRICHARDQUINN capsule and collaborations with change-makers Indya Moore, Romeo Hunte and Patta.


We completed four editions of the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge, a program that finds and supports start-ups driving inclusivity and social impact in fashion. Since 2018, we have received over 1,300 applications and awarded more than $850,000 to the winning social entrepreneurs. The program won silver in the 2022 Anthem Awards, celebrating purpose and mission-driven work.


As part of the People’s Place Program, we launched the “The Invisible Seam: Unsung Stories of Black Culture and Fashion” podcast series in partnership with The Fashion and Race Database. Hosted by fashion educator Kimberly Jenkins, the podcast explores the contributions of Black communities to American fashion. The show received a 2022 Signal Awards Bronze recognition for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Flip It

TOMMY HILFIGER China “Flip It” campaign featured prosthetics fashion influencer Xiao Yang, connecting the brand to consumers living with disabilities.


We continue to use our brand platform to amplify causes that foster inclusivity and counter prejudice, working with partners like ILGA World, Rainbow Railroad and the Fashion Minority Alliance.


In 2023, we launched an inclusive language guide to improve brand communications across all touchpoints.

What We've Learned

We’re proud of how far we’ve come, but we also need to acknowledge that in some cases we haven’t progressed as quickly as we had hoped. Simply put, change takes time. We have ambitious and wide-ranging aspirations and while some areas are right on track, others have proven to be more complex to achieve and scale across our organization.

We remain committed to inclusion and diversity, and are working hard to ensure it is embedded in everything we do. We will continue to make progress towards our commitments in this area, and will work across our brands, regions, and businesses to create an inclusive culture for all.

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