At Tommy Hilfiger, we have always believed that with hard work and a positive outlook, anything is possible. So we’re taking action to play a role in creating a future we can all look forward to – by wasting nothing and welcoming all.

Waste Nothing

We want the future of fashion to be fully circular, and operate with sensitivity to planetary boundaries. So we’re shaping a circular fashion brand – one which limits its carbon and water footprints, and where all the materials we use can be part of a sustainable loop.

Welcome All

We’re working to put inclusion at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to be a brand that welcomes every TOMMY fan, and a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to maximize their potential.

  • Circle Round

    Make products fully circular, and part of a sustainable loop.

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  • Made For Life

    Operate with sensitivity to planetary boundaries*, including in the areas of climate change, land use, freshwater and chemical pollution, from what we buy to where we sell.

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  • Everyone Welcome

    Be a brand that works for every Tommy Fan — always inclusive, completely accessible.

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  • Opportunity For All

    Create equal access to opportunity — no barriers to success at Tommy Hilfiger.

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What We’ve
Been Up To

We’ve already taken the first steps on our journey. As we continue, we’ll share our ups and downs – the goals we have reached, as well as the challenges we have encountered.

  • Materials & Innovation

    At Tommy Hilfiger, we take sustainability and the future of our planet seriously. We’d like to give you more information about why the product you just purchased (or are thinking of adding to your wardrobe) carries the sustainable product tag. You can easily identify a more sustainable TOMMY HILFIGER product by the green stripe on […]

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  • Classics Reborn

    Tommy Hilfiger and Shawn Mendes are joining forces to uncover new ways to build a greener future. The multifaceted partnership kicks off with the ‘Classics Reborn’ global campaign and features the ‘1985 Program,’ which represents the brand’s acceleration in sustainability as iconic styles are reimagined with more sustainable materials. The TOMMY HILFIGER “Classics Reborn” campaign was […]

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  • Make Climate Change Possible

    The reality of the climate crisis is fast unfolding and it’s time to take positive action. Scientists agree that we must cut net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 – and, given that the fashion industry is responsible for around 10% of all global carbon emissions, we know that Tommy Hilfiger has an important […]

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  • Making Protection Possible

    When Angela Ortigara was a child growing up in Brazil, she saw firsthand the importance of water – for nature, and for the people who depend on it. “I lived near the Rio do Peixe – or the ‘Fish’s River’,” Angela says. “I learned that it had once been a beautiful river, originally named after […]

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  • Making Balance Possible

    Denim is one of the world’s most iconic and well-loved fabrics. Many of us have a favorite pair of jeans, but we might not know much about where they came from, or what it takes to make denim into the style we know and love. The traditional process for finishing denim – using physical and […]

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  • Making Plant-Based Possible

    It’s well known that animal agriculture is bad for the planet – and that includes leather. It’s linked to high water consumption, deforestation, toxic chemicals and the production of greenhouse gases, not to mention animal cruelty. The world is ready for a better type of material. Hannes Parth is the founder of Frumat, an award-winning startup […]

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  • Making Access Possible

    For people with disabilities, getting dressed can be challenging. We created the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive collection to better meet the varied needs of people with different body shapes and abilities – from velcro openings and magnetic fastenings to adapted waistlines and adjustable hems. But creating the line is one thing – making it easy to buy is […]

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  • Making Unstoppable Possible

    Lauren “Lolo” Spencer was an active teenager – fashionable, fun-loving, and always on the go. But at the age of 14, she began to develop the degenerative disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – and the changes in her body meant making other changes in her life. Lolo was determined that her disability wouldn’t define her, […]

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  • Making Fearless Possible

    As a child, Kaustav Dey found a tattered pair of black corduroy bell-bottom pants forgotten in a cupboard. He had always felt different from his classmates and tried to make himself invisible so he wouldn’t stand out. But when he found these unusual pants – so different from his plain school uniform – they became […]

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  • Making Advance Possible

    PVH Corp., parent company of Tommy Hilfiger, is committed to improving the way that clothes are made, to drive fashion forward for good. PVH uses its global reach and expertise to manage the global supply chain that supports its iconic family of fashion brands, including Tommy Hilfiger – and it is determined to implement the programs […]

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