The future isn’t a distant event we have to wait for. It’s made today.

We believe tomorrow’s fashion should Waste Nothing and Welcome All. And our work has already begun.

Waste Nothing

We believe tomorrow’s fashion should be circular, not linear. That’s why we’re designing to keep our products and materials in use as long as we can, exploring new ways to cut down on waste, and limiting our carbon and water footprints.

Welcome all

We want everyone to feel welcome, so we’re working to put inclusion at the heart of everything we do. We are a brand that champions equity and welcomes diversity, and we are committed to building a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to maximize their potential.

PVH 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report


We’ve set some bold targets for ourselves in our mission to Waste Nothing and Welcome All. Here are some ongoing initiatives we’re working on that are helping us move towards our goals:

We’ve got a long road ahead of us and we will continue to move one step closer to our goals every day.

Because Tomorrow is
what we make it today.